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Bit of a Hitch

Le mardi 13 novembre 2012, nos élèves de 5e et 6e année se sont rendus au Forum des Pyramides à Welkenraedt pour y découvrir la pièce de théâtre "A Bit of a Hitch". Les acteurs étaient tous des anglais. Cette pièce a remporté un franc succès auprès de nos élèves, touchés par l'humour anglais.
"Bit of a Hitch" is above all a comedy in full ETC style. It's also a mystery, intrigue, suspense, thriller, spy, detective story ; but is above all a comedy ; with its touch of romance, as we attempt to perform all the key moments in Alfred Hitchcock's films on stage.
"Bit of a Hitch" introduces us to David and Carol, two school friends who, in a typically Hitchcockian plot device, are mistakenly taken to be two extremely mysterious figures ; operating well outside the law. David and Carol are sucked into this world as mistake follows mistake, dragging them deeper and deeper into our fast moving, highly entertaining, comic, film noir world.


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